The “Grigore Moisil” Computer Science High School, Iași, Romania

The prestigious “Grigore Moisil” Computer Science High School from Iași, Romania actively promotes an open-minded attitude towards developing a veritable school of the future, connected to an intelligent society that teaches, transforms and adapts itself without losing sight of its authentic core values.

Who We Are

Our Vision

Promote excellence, innovation, and connectivity in teaching.

Our Mission

Construct learning opportunities connected to societal innovation in order to support excellence in each and every student.

Our Values

Selflessness, Professionalism, Esteem, Community, Development, and Innovation.

Our Principles

  • Each student is important. A student comprises an entire universe of interests and passions.
  • Each teacher is important. A teacher who is valued will only organize quality activities for his/her students. A teacher who is happy, will make his/her students happy.
  • Only together—students, teachers, parents, alumni—we can improve the educational experience. Staying in touch with dedicated people, with innovation, and with ideas stimulates development.

Do You Have Questions?

We greatly appreciate your consideration of our request for donations. Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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